War on the American Expat

How US Legislation has specifically punished US Citzens Abroad
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Why War on the Expat?

The following are examples of legislation since 2004 that have had a devastating impact on American individuals and families abroad. It is pretty clear that Congress is waging War on the Expat. The legislation against Americans abroad is very important for all to know. Not only should this interest all Americans abroad it should also interest all Americans because all Americans should value their basic right to freedom of movement. Our assessment of these bills includes individual Congresspeople and how they voted. We have selected the following laws to assess every active member of Congress. The individual Congress person’s position on each of the following bills will allow us to determine if we can recommend voting for the candidate. You will also notice that these constant swipes at non-resident Americans is buried in a completely unrelated bill. That is because many in Congress seek to pay for legislation (at least on paper) through citizens that have trouble fighting back. Not only are we the only industrialized country that ignores that its diaspora is subject to taxation in the country where we live, but this also demonstrates that our Congress violates basic human rights of its citizens abroad. This is a war declared on us.
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