Voter Information

The only way for us to force Congress to listen to us is if we vote. Currently a very low percentage of Americans Overseas vote. Some people are afraid to register for fear of being discovered by Uncle Sam. But we are complicit in the US Government making our lives difficult if we do not vote. What we have seen is that there is a worse penalty than being "discovered", we will continue to be punished. Please register and vote! We need you.


Federal Voting Assistance Program

Offers voter registration (form to send), voting alerts, policy information and other voter information for overseas voters.


Overseas Vote Foundation

Private foundation that offers internet-based voter registrations, outreach programs, and other services for Americans abroad. You might find this the most convenient place to start.


Vote from Abroad

Vote from Abroad is a very good Democratic party sponsored website and organization to help register US citizens abroad to vote. It is full of information and also provides registration and ballot requests. You do not have to be a democrat to use this.


Some common questions

Please note, we cannot be 100% certain of the answers here. Laws may change and individual State laws can apply. However, the following may be useful for you.