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Many Americans abroad want to remain anonymous. We understand this and have taken steps to allow you to define how much information that you provide, who can see it, and rather or not we can use it with the press or policy makers.

In order to publish your story, we ask you to join us as a member. This is free and will always be free. Once you are registered, you can go to your profile by clicking your name on the top right hand part of the screen. On the section, “My Story”, you can tell us how the US Government overreach has caused personal damage to you.

What you write will be moderated. Once your story is submitted, we will proof it and get back with you on what information we provide in the published version.

We do this to insure your privacy and to give you control of your info. This is not automated, we review it and provide you feedback and get a final “go” from you before we publish it.

After you submit, you can log in and make updates, change your privacy levels, or other updates.

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