Our interview with CNBC

Over the last few months, I have been exchanging with Lorie Konish, a journalist of CNBC. From the questions that she was asking me, it seemed that Lorie wanted to get two things on the record. 1) Real people perspective on CBT, 2) her facts straight.

EU Petition / FATCA Infringing on Rights of EU Citizens


EU Petition US’ Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act’s (FATCA) alleged infringement of EU rights and the extraterritorial effects of US laws in the EU. The Association des Américains Accidentels is asking its members to sign a European petition in regard to basic rights violations regarding FATCA and the US exterrestrial taxation. We highly reccomend that … Read more

Feed back to Congressman Holding’s RBT proposal

Draft: Feedback to Congressman Holding’s RBT proposal We are grateful that Congressman Holding has become a champion and the main hope for American expats. We are also thankful to the various organizations that certainly have had an input on the development of this legislation. Over the years, American expats have paid a very heavy toll … Read more