What would Meghan Markle’s “expat hell” letter from the IRS look like?

The reason why we need to collect this data is that we believe that anyone overseas with a bank account is a terrorist, money launderer, etc. Anyone else that would live overseas must have done so to avoid paying taxes. Why else would you run off and marry a Prince in a foreign country? Yes, we understand that your taxes are higher in the UK, but their taxes are not real taxes. Ours are – and you are avoiding ours, which you are never allowed to do.

Investing with One Hand Tied Behind Your Back – An Australian Perspective on United States Tax Rules for Non-Resident Citizens


This is an excellent overview, by Karen Alpert, depicting the harmful impact of Citizen-Based Taxation on US Tax persons in Australia (and beyond). Karen is from the University of Queensland – Business School; Financial Research Network (FIRN), and runs the Fix the Tax Treaty website and Facebook page.