American citizens abroad speak up

American citizens abroad have a unique and valuable perspective on the world. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood and therefore criticized for leaving their homeland. We believe that having Americans abroad is a valuable contribution to the US economy, culture, and general understanding of the world. Unfortunately, this benefit is silenced by the media and politicians who create a false narrative about us.

Renouncing Citizenship

The US is Losing Young American Citizens Abroad

In a recent Facebook exchange in American Expatriates 2.0 a large group discussed the impact of how the US Government treated Americans abroad. Some members were sharing stories about the family impact of US Non-Residential taxation, FATCA, and super-imposing the US tax system on top of our resident countries’ tax systems. Some of the stories

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Watch this Bill: Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

This law expands reporting requirements, increases fines, and furthermore creates even a more hostile environment for ordinary US persons abroad through FATCA. This is a demonstration of the failure of FATCA. This is also a further example of members of Congress not understanding the issues of our citizens abroad. This is a blog post to

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