American citizens abroad speak up

American citizens abroad have a unique and valuable perspective on the world. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood and therefore criticized for leaving their homeland. We believe that having Americans abroad is a valuable contribution to the US economy, culture, and general understanding of the world. Unfortunately, this benefit is silenced by the media and politicians who create a false narrative about us.


What would Meghan Markle’s “expat hell” letter from the IRS look like?

The reason why we need to collect this data is that we believe that anyone overseas with a bank account is a terrorist, money launderer, etc. Anyone else that would live overseas must have done so to avoid paying taxes. Why else would you run off and marry a Prince in a foreign country? Yes, we understand that your taxes are higher in the UK, but their taxes are not real taxes. Ours are – and you are avoiding ours, which you are never allowed to do.

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Watch this Bill: Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act

This law expands reporting requirements, increases fines, and furthermore creates even a more hostile environment for ordinary US persons abroad through FATCA. This is a demonstration of the failure of FATCA. This is also a further example of members of Congress not understanding the issues of our citizens abroad. This is a blog post to

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