Our interview with CNBC

Over the last few months, I have been exchanging with Lorie Konish, a journalist of CNBC. From the questions that she was asking me, it seemed that Lorie wanted to get two things on the record. 1) Real people perspective on CBT, 2) her facts straight.

See article and video here.

Why we did this

We get very little press. Usually, the press that we get is from different organizations or tax compliance companies that give their “expert opinions”. I am not complaining about the other organizations, but for some reason they often seem separated from the reality of our lives living under CBT and FATCA. Lorie’s approach was different. There is no doubt that I greatly value the opportunity to have had this discussion. I also suggested that Lorie speak with Laura Snyder and Jennifer Carlsen because I thought that they could represent our community well, and they did.

My personal feeling was that the article was a kind of new approach. I also think that the points that should have been made were met. It is normal that when you stick your head out that you will have critique. We had some typical comments from the homeland that tells us to “leave” (even though we already have), or that we should “stand up for our flag”. Those were to be expected.


The vast majority of the comments from our own community were positive. However, we had a few that were slightly critical to very critical of our efforts. Some second guessing that we didn’t say, “something”, or even getting more personal about us. We have to get our own community to support actions that individuals take. We need to encourage more of these actions, not less. Constructive critique is a good thing. Publicly humiliating someone who is trying to do their part in helping, even if they make a mistake, is damaging. I will write more on this in a separate blog.

It was important to all three of us to do something good for our movement so we can get Congress to change this nightmare. But the ones that want to be judgmental and try to show themselves as being better, I challenge YOU to do something. We have several people who spend their time on this subject every day, many more than myself. I for one appreciate this. If you do not, maybe you should reassess.

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