EU Petition / FATCA Infringing on Rights of EU Citizens

EU Petition US’ Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act’s (FATCA) alleged infringement of EU rights and the extraterritorial effects of US laws in the EU.

PurpleExpat Member

PurpleExpat Member

A member has informed us about this petition and asked us to communicate this to all "US Persons" in the EU.

The Association des Américains Accidentels is asking its members to sign a European petition in regard to basic rights violations regarding FATCA and the US exterrestrial taxation.

We highly reccomend that if you are a dual national or even a permenent resident of the EU that you sign the petition. It seems that the petition is confidential.

Currently, there are only a few hundred signatures. Therefore, you help in making our situation noticed by European lawmakers can be very useful. If you have any concerns about this, feel free to contact me.

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