Crowd funding initiative for Repatriation tax/GILTI Lobbyist

Fund raising effort to fund a lobbyist against Repatriation tax and GILTI

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PurpleExpat Admin

PurpleExpat Admin


As you know, because of many efforts by many different organizations and individuals, including several hundred petitions being sent to the US Treasury, the IRS has communicated a delay in the first payment of the Repatriation tax until June 15th. We have that much time to get a decision out of the Treasury in regard to this and the impact that it has on individual business owners abroad.

Monte Silver started a crowdfunding initiative to finance a lobbyist to help influence this decision.

We strongly encourage any business owner to contribute to this funding. We find it disgusting to have to do this, but it is likely highly needed. If the funding goals are not met, Monte has promised that your money, minus any fees of the platform, will be returned. Your help is needed! 


After enquiring about definite goals and other questions, the following answer was given to me by Monte Silver:

What services are involved? 
The services we seek to retain as the Tax lobbying services of the DC firm Capitol Tax.  See  capitoltax.com and specifically the bio of Jon Talismans.  See his and his team’s bio at https://www.capitoltax.com/team.  Why Jon and his firm:  (1) Everyone I met, from the Senate Finance committee, to the Treasury, the the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation recommended him and his firm.  They told me that he is the best there is in the tax lobbying business.  (2) He has been very valuable to me up till now, on a pro-bono basis
What is the brief for the work? 
The work is clear: 
Stage 1 – interact with Treasury to get us the relief we want.  Here is the problem we face without him.  I met all the relevant DC government people a month ago.  They are all very busy and though they are all sympathetic, they have so much on their plate that we may be falling between the chairs.  Yesterday, Marc Zell (VP RO Middle East and based in Israel) who I know very well and who has been doing a lot for the cause (thx Marc), met senior IRS people and is meeting W&M committee today.  I arranged for Solomon to meet Treasury next week.  At the meetings, everyone is nice and smiley.  BUT HOW DO WE KNOW IF THEY ARE DOING ANYTHING FOR US BEYOND MEETING US? WE DO NOT KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   If we do not have someone on the ground who is well connected and who is pushing our agenda, then we have no visibility as to what is happening
Stage 2 – the legislative stage – understand how DC works on tax matters, where the winds are blowing, what the impact is of the upcoming election, how to leverage the election results to get what we want in the lame duck session, etc etc.  Also, he is in the best position to direct us in terms of what is “effective effort” vs. simply “effort”. How do you and I know where we should be spending our time? 
How will you measure success?
Winning.  Getting the relief we want
Where will the money actually go/be spent?”
100% to the lobbyist. Period.  

After speaking to Treasury and assessing the situation, it comes down to this: we have until June 15 to get the fixes from Treasury. It can be done if we have an effective and permanent ground work in DC. And if we have an effective and permanent ground game in DC (which also help us direct our non-DC activity) we have a decent chance of obtaining a legislative fix during the Lame Duck session (between Nov 2018 and January 2019). It is then that a tax bill that corrects various aspects of the 2017 reform will likely be passed in cooperation of the two parties who want to clean desk. Jon (founder of www.capitoltax.com) is the best in the business. How do I know this? People I met at the Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees, at the Joint Committee on Taxation, and at Treasury all told me so. They have known him for years. And he has been helping me for two months pro-bono and I see the value he brings. So look at the link and tell me what you think. Tomorrow we open our wallets and have our networks do the same.

Monte Silver

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